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Peaceful Sunset Over the Ocean

Frequently Asked Questions

The Blissful Life Programme℠

  • What will our daily routine be like?
    Every part of the Blissful Life routine has been designed to rapidly unfold the inner fullness and bliss of life. Mornings and evenings will be taken up with extended practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM Sidhi programme, including Yogic Flying. The rest of the day will be balanced with a variety of activities, such as learning more about Maharishi Vedic Science, Vedic dance, music, hikes, and other outdoor activiities.
  • What kind of accommodations will we have?
    Our facility consists of two large buildings designed in accord with the principles of Maharishi Stapathya Veda. The larger building contains rooms for meditation and meetings, a dining area, and a kitchen. The smaller residential building contains private bedrooms with baths, a laundry, and a small kitchenette. Temporary cabins will be made available to Blissful Life participants if more rooms are needed. The complex has large areas of undeveloped land with bush and meadows.
  • How much does it cost?
    The financial commitment will be 1250 USD per month.
  • Will I have to get a visa?
    Australian citizens do not need a visa and British citizens can come for 6 months without one. Citizens of other countries will need to get a 6 month visitors visa. More information about applying for the visa will be given at the time of application.
  • Does it rain a lot?
    There is quite a bit of rain in New Zealand, particularly in the winter and spring. However, one of the most interesting things about Kiwi weather is its variability. In New Zealand there is a literal truth to the saying “if you don’t like the weather, just wait 20 minutes and it will change.” Things are drier In the summer and with the change in seasons come days approaching perfection. But year round the beauty of this island nation surpasses the vagaries of the weather and we are left with little reason to do anything but admire and enjoy.
  • What about doctors, dentists, and healthcare?"
    Those who are in the country on a visitor’s visa have no-fault health insurance coverage for injuries resulting from accidents. For everything else you will need some form of travel insurance. There is a relatively large medical clinic within a few miles of our facility and a branch of that clinic within walking distance. There are also a number of dentists in the area. If, for whatever reason, this does not suffice, our proximity to Auckland makes finding a medical practitioner to meet your needs fairly easy.
  • I’m used to daily exercise. Will there be enough time for that on this course?
    No need for concern. Walk and talk time is structured into the Blissful Life routine. There are also other times during the day when you can do whatever exercise you prefer. There are forest trails and bike/walking paths not far from our complex and even the surrounding neighborhoods provide a safe and attractive place for short hikes
  • Is the ocean nearby? Can we go?
    Yes and yes.
  • I’d like to come but I’m afraid I won’t be able to get the things I need so far away from home.
    First, know that New Zealand is a developed country and chances are you will be able to find everything you need right here. If you can’t, a branch of the NZ Postal Service called YouShop allows you to direct retailers to send your purchases to a central address in North America, Europe, or China. From there YouShop will mail your items to your residence here. They can also consolidate packages. There’s a shipping charge, of course, but usually it’s much less than you would have to pay a retailer.
  • I’d like to come but I’m afraid of the long flight.
    Talk to us. We have experienced this ourselves and developed some strategies. We can’t make the flight any shorter but we can perhaps make it feel shorter and be more comfortable and enjoyable overall.
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