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The Blissful Life Program

We've started but you can join us now.

New Zealand Mother Divine warmly invites all women Sidhas and TM Teachers to spend time together on the Blissful Life Program dedicated to your spiritual well being
enlivening the nourishing bliss and silence within yourself and creating a sanctuary of bliss with other like-minded women

Welcome to the Blissful Life Program

Retreat into our little piece of paradise located outside of Auckland, New Zealand. Experience the pleasure of a simple and fulfilling life which is designed for both your highest personal evolution and creating peace in society.



Enrich your mind with knowledge and enhance your well-being with a balanced routine of rest, exercise, and profound experiences of Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program. 


From the pure and natural environment, to organic, vegetarian, Ayurvedic meals that will delight even the most discerning foodie, life on this course will be enjoyed in the fullness that you deserve.

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We invite you to help us create a unique spiritual lifestyle, where like- minded women from across the globe come together to share a home. 


There will be a degree of self-management where everyone maintains their own room, helps maintain common areas, provides support in the kitchen and dining areas, and other similar activities.

The 9 Elements of the Blissful Life Program


1. Knowledge

Precious and rare Maharishi’s lectures and study program: Maharishi Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Maharishi Yoga Asanas (depending on the group’s interest) that enrich mind, body, and soul.

2. Beauty

Let your senses enjoy the scenic grandeur of New Zealand in the soothing and divine atmosphere of the Maharishi Vastu Peace Palace.

3. Rest

Give yourself the deep and profound rest which is the basis for greater success and fulfillment in life.


4. Growth

Experience the personal growth and benefit from the daily meditation program, which will structure a profound foundation for the rest of your life.


5. Adventure

Follow your bliss and try something new—take a swim in the ocean, cycle the estuary pathway, enjoy a forest hike, nourish your artistic side, or lend a hand in the garden.


6. Togetherness

Join our family and help to create a unique home environment; experience the deep connection of being with like-minded women.


7. INtegration

Feel a deep connection to your environment and enjoy movement through exercise, Yoga Asanas, and Vedic dance.

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8. Nourishment

Feel deeply nourished and rejuvenated on all levels–from the fountainhead of infinite self-referral bliss to the delicious, fresh, and heavenly cuisine.


9. Sustainability and


We support environmentally responsible decisions based on respect for the environment and respect for human values. We encourage recycling, eating organic food, composting, using natural materials, and reducing plastic use.

Your hosts will be Justyna and Aimee


Justyna has been on the Mother Divine program for almost 3 years. She has also been teaching Transcendental Meditation for the past 7 years in London, Mexico, and now in New Zealand. She studied yoga in India and now she’s completing her online Masters degree in Aromatherapy and Ayurveda Wellness through Maharishi International University.

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Aimee has enjoyed the Mother Divine Program for the past 6 years, during which she has traveled to the United States, Europe, India, and New Zealand. She holds a Master’s degree in Maharishi Vedic Science from Maharishi International University and has experience guiding these special courses.


Raj Rajeshwari Alison 

will be guiding the group from afar with experience discussions and special knowledge programs. RR Ali has been on the Mother Divine program since 2000 and holds a PhD from Maharishi European Research University, an MBA from Maharishi International University, and a Masters in Maharishi

Vedic Science from Maharishi University of Enlightenment.

It will be their joy to have you join our family in Aotearoa New Zealand.

How to apply 

For women Sidhas and TM Teachers, the six-month Blissful Life Program started in August but it's not too late to join us. Please apply Now. 

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