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The Mother Divine Programme℠ New Zealand

The Full-Time Mother Divine Programme℠

The Mother Divine Programme℠ unfolds the nourishing qualities inherent in every woman, not only developing her own self-sufficiency, dignity, and strength, but also allowing her to radiate a life-supporting, unifying influence to others. The Mother Divine Programme℠ multiplies this nourishing effect for the world manyfold—the larger the number of members of the Mother Divine Programme practicing Transcendental Meditation® and its advanced programmes in a group, the more powerful the effect of positivity, harmony, and upliftment in society.

Prerequisite to joining the Mother Divine Programme: Six-month in-residence Blissful Life Programme℠ (Also known as the New Mother Divine Programme℠) at any of our locations. Find more information about the Blissful Life Programme℠ in New Zealand that we are offering in 2024.

Other Offerings

Matri Mandala Women's Circle meeting in home
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the Bhagavad-Gita book
Group of Women participating in a Meditation Retreat with the Mother Divine Programme℠

TM WomenCircles

Matri Mandalas provide an opportunity for women practising Transcendental Meditation to inspire and support each other on their path to enlightenment, to come together to enjoy knowledge from the leaders of Mother Divine℠, and to increase financial support for the Mother Divine Programme.

Online Course

Temporarily Unavailable

Online distance education course. Enjoy studying the timeless and universal wisdom of the Bhagavad-Gita and its practical application in the lives of women through this online distance education course. 

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Women and girls practicing the Transcendental Meditation® technique are warmly invited to come enjoy the deeply silent, blissful atmosphere of the Mother Divine Programme℠.  TM® Weekend Retreats and World Peace Assemblies are available at Mother Divine℠ locations worldwide. 

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